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11, 12, 13, 14 ad 15 February 2015

Tribute to Romeo Morneau

For several years, our region awaits the winter season to admire the nicest sled dog teams. Amid the magnificent scenery of the Appalachian plateau, a few kilometers away from the American borders, five municipalities (Saint-Pamphile, Saint-Omer, Tourville, Saint-Adalbert and Saint-Marcel) joined together to host the Odyssée Appalachienne.

Among those municipalities, Tourville is especially proud of its sled dog champions. Mr Roméo Morneau and his sled dog team left their mark during the 1930’s. The young Roméo won many competitions and the local population waited eagerly for his participation to the sled dog races.

In 1937, Roméo Morneau participated for the first time to the International Dog-Derby in Quebec City. The long-awaited event drew the best mushers, a thousand of spectators and even Americans. Mr Morneau and his sled dog team ran 84 miles in 6 hours and 34 minutes and became world champions. He kept his title the following year and got second place in 1939 which was the last race he participated in. It is needless to say that the whole region his proud of its champion. Mr Roméo Morneau died on May 2nd 1992.

The Odyssée Appalachienne makes a point of remembering this champion by giving the trophy Roméo Morneau to the best musher in the 120 mile category.

Everybody will therefore be able to remember our champion, our hero.



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